Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spiced Red Chai (Roobios Herbal Tea) Latte

I had a sip of a real Chai latte when I was in college and have fantasized about them throughout the years.  It was just a lovely pumpkin pie spice flavor with so many yummy memories.  Silly really, I had a sip and that was it.  I don't drink tea, as in black, white, green. I do drink herbal tea.  I mentioned to my friend Leah that I wanted something like a Chai Tea (traditionally a black tea with spices) and she said I should try Roobios (pronounced Roy boss) Tea.  Roobios is a African herbal tea.  Recently I looked up how to make a Chai Latte and decided to use the basic idea and create a Red Chai Latte with the Roobios tea.  My ingredients include Trader Joe's brand Roobios Tea packets, hot water,  sugar, and homemade whipped cream.

Need a warm drink on this cold morning?
Ingredients for this recipe are: 1 cup hot water (I used an electric kettle), two Roobios Tea Bags (Trader Joe's), 1 tablespoon sugar (I used turbinado sugar), and 3 tablespoons of whipped
cream (homemade).
 I steeped my two tea bags in hot water for three minutes, then I pressed them against the side
of the cup using a spoon to get all the good stuff out.
 I added the sugar and the whipped cream.
Stir it together, and sip to your hearts content.  This really is a wonderful substitute for that
sip of Chai Latte I had so many years ago.  I love food memories.


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