Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stephanie's Kitchen Drawer: Stand Mixer

Are you interested in the contents of my kitchen drawer so to speak? Learn what I use to prepare the food I post about.  I think I need a disclaimer, plus it is a little fun to think of the commercials with the small print and the fast talking actor reading the small print for us.  Pretend my disclaimer is being read by an actor like um, Betty White, she's saying it super fast.  Silly, right?  

I am not a metallurgist, blacksmith, manufacturer of any kitchen wares, classically trained chef, owner of Bed Bath & Beyond, owner of any kitchen wares business for that matter.  I do not have an advanced degree in kitchen product design, or any degree that would facilitate me being the smartest gadget guru ever.  I do love to search the internet, watch and read anything Alton Brown(Food Network) recommends using and I have sisters who share with me their experiences.  Please do not mistake anything I may write as the gospel truth regarding all things found in the kitchen.  Lastly not all kitchen wares I discuss will fit in a kitchen drawer.

When my husband and I were living in our first house, with our very first baby, I decided since he helped cook back then to get him a stand mixer.  My sister Adrienne worked for a store in my home town that sold Kitchen Aid mixer so with her and her store discount we went and I bought a standard white 4 quart Kitchen Aid.  It was a tilt head model.  We used the mixer for years until it died.  We moved it with us to our second home and in a freak pizza dough making accident it fell off counter never to mix properly again.  Our current mixer is a professional 5 quart red model we bought on sale at Costco.  It was one of three appliances to be moved with us from California to Queens.  I love using a mixer, it does very well at putting ingredients together in a uniform manner.  Why did I choose Kitchen Aid, years ago that is what I understood from my avid cooking show watching to be the best.  On the counter of most of the chefs in my favorite shows was a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

What do I used my mixer for, I have made cookies, English Muffin batter, pancake batter, waffles, whipped cream, whipped egg whites, royal icing, pizza dough, shredded chicken, mashed potatoes, muffin batter, butter, pasta, pita bread, bread, and pretzels.  I have made just about everything you can think of in my mixer.  Mixers are a wonderful addition to the kitchen counter gadget brigade, or my kitchen drawer(he he, not really small enough for the drawer). 
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