Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Stephanie's Kitchen Drawer: Pasta Machine

My mom has a pasta machine.   I don't remember seeing her use it.  I do remember borrowing it though.  When I moved away from my mom, I didn't get to borrow her pasta machine anymore.  I decided after trying to roll out pasta with a rolling pin, that I needed a pasta machine.  I purchased a pasta machine from Bed, Bath & Beyond near my apartment for $20.  Since we now eat homemade pasta and ramen noodles, it seemed like a very good investment.
You can also buy it from Amazon here.

Why use a machine instead of a rolling pin? Let me count the reasons for you.
1. Dough is rolled all the same thickness.
2. Pasta/noodles are all cut the same.
3. A lot easier than rolling it out.
4. Faster than rolling it out.
5. My patience isn't tested along with my muscles.

I have used my pasta machine to make tortillas, crackers, pasta, and ramen noodles. 

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