Sunday, December 22, 2013

Stephanie's Kitchen Drawer: Stove/Oven

My husband began work in New York City a month before my children and I joined him.  The idea was to give him a month to find an apartment so when we showed up we didn't have to live in a hotel. I told my husband please pick an apartment that has a good kitchen, when I said good kitchen my idea was more like my kitchen in my house ie a stove, ample counter space, and maybe a dishwasher.  I told him I would give up an elevator and choose a third floor walk-up for a good apartment(a walk-up means no elevator and only stairs).  A friend also recommended a window too.  I had a white basic gas Maytag stove/oven in our house, not fancy but it worked.  My husband had some trouble finding a three bedroom apartment, we have four children so we wanted a little bit bigger apartment then the average NYC apartment.  

Many friends had ideas about where we should live but we ended up focusing on Queens.  Not long before the month was up my husband found an apartment with a good kitchen, three bedrooms, and in the neighborhood we chose.  He sent me pictures of the apartment and I was in shock, literally!  The kitchen looked better then my kitchen in my house, it looked the kitchen I dreamed about building.  

To reach the part of the story that is prevalent, the part of the kitchen that truly astounded me was the Viking Professional stove/oven.   I was sold, he signed the lease and the rest is history as they say.  A little about this oven, when my husband was home for the gas to turned on he was talking with the technician who told him our apartment stove was a $10,000 stove, WHAT!  Seriously, our landlord lived in the apartment and made huge upgrades and renovations to the place.  The funny part of the story about the stove is he didn't even cook.  

The sad part of the stove came when we realized very quickly that the oven part of the stove was broken.  Many months after we explained to the management company about our stove being broken they were able to find a technician who could even look at the oven, many companies refused to come out.  

Now that the oven works, I have a convection oven that heats evenly and cooks faster.  My bread that I just made cooked a little faster then it would have in a conventional oven.  Here's the truth though, if this were my house I would not have bought a Viking Professional Stove/Oven.  

Part of my complaints about Vikings stem from the broken control panel that ended up being the reason the oven wasn't working when we moved in, that part was $600 to replace, and on all the cooking forums, I read this is a common complaint with owners of Vikings, that the parts in the oven are susceptible to heat damage, say what! Exactly how does an oven manufacturer not see the design flaw in putting parts in the oven that can break from heat.  My opinion is the oven/stove now that is works are amazing, yes they are better then my basic oven.  Should you spend $4,200(I looked up the price) to get your own? No, it isn't worth it.

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