Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stephanie's Kitchen Drawer: WonderMill

One of my fondest foodie dreams since a conversation with my friend Renee was to own a grain mill.  She told me about live grains, she had been to a presentation about the health benefits of grinding whole grains fresh.  I also was concerned about how whole whole grain flour was, if the manufacturers of flour are trying to create a shelf stable product, do they include all of the whole grain in the flour?  Also I wanted to try spelt but honestly, the price of spelt flour in the small bag at the grocery store was scary high.  The above machine is the grain mill I decided to choose.  Two machines share center stage in the grain mill world, the WonderMill and the WhisperMill.  While researching grain mills I read about a test done on both and the WonderMill continued grinding even after the WhisperMill motor gave out.  I bought my WonderMill here.  They have great reviews too, if you want or need more than my endorsement.

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