Monday, January 13, 2014

Chicken & Rice Soup

I have been making a lot of chicken soup lately, partly because of sickness, and partly because it is so easy to make.  My chicken soup is a gather from my kitchen operation.  I use what I have on hand. This is a recipe that I think you should add to.  If you have some other vegetables, or herbs, or something you want to add, add them.  I buy whole rotisserie chickens from Costco.  They are the same price as the uncooked chickens, so I figure I just saved myself time.  I love the whole chickens at Costco because they are the biggest chickens I have found.  I have shopped at many grocery stores and Costco is the best priced.  I bring it home, put on rubber gloves, and pull the chicken from the bone.  I bag the carcass in one Ziploc bag, and the chicken in another, and freeze them for later.

I love soup, don't you?

Ingredients for the broth recipe are: 1 chicken carcass (you don't need to thaw), 2 stalks of celery cleaned and cut into three pieces each, 1 yellow onion skinned and cut into quarters, 8 cloves of garlic
(I didn't use it this time but I usually do), 8 baby carrots (I didn't have them but I usually use them), 1/4 cup salt, water up to top line of pressure cooker with food in the pot or enough water to cover
above an inch or two in a stock pot.

 I have an electric pressure cooker I used for this recipe. Place ingredients in the pressure cooker and
set to high for 20 minutes.  You can cook this in a stock pot on the stove for 1 1/2 hours as well.

After the time is up and natural pressure release occurs, drain broth into a mesh sieve lined bowl.
Look at that chicken and vegetables, they really gave of themselves for this meal.

 Ingredients for the chicken and rice soup are: 2 cups of leftover brown rice (white will work too),
2 cups leftover rotisserie chicken cut up, 1 zucchini, 1 yellow crookneck squash.  This is the part
where you can add whatever you have on hand, potatoes, kale, carrots, broccoli, your choice.

 Cut up zucchini and squash, add chicken, rice, 1 tablespoon salt, and pour in broth.  Cover and
cook on high for 1 minute in pressure cooker. Or put all ingredients in stock pot on stove set to
medium high and cook till zucchini is tender.  This is so heart and soul warming.


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