Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spelt Thins

My children really like snack food.  I remember my friend Misty telling me her boys loved crunchy food and missed it when the food they started getting didn't include any snacks.  Today in honor of being snow bound, and my friend Misty, I decided to make a crunchy snack. This morning I had planned on waiting for the refrigerator repair guy and then taking my son to preschool while my friend Whitney watched my children.  Well after seeing the snow accumulating, I decided to have a snow day and Whitney and I would bake some more.  She gave me permission to make another bread type recipe even though I posted the biscuits we had for lunch.  I was worried anyone out there reading my posts would feel like I neglected all the other wonderful food groups.  This is a recipe I made up by accident. While attempting to make spelt tortilla chips, I made crackers instead.  These crackers taste a lot like another "Thins" cracker that you all know about.  I received my prodigal grain mill back from being repaired, so I decided this would also be a celebration recipe of my returned grain mill.  My friend Whitney helped me make the crackers today.

Preheat oven to 375 Fahrenheit

Don't they look like those other crackers?

 Ingredients for this recipe are 420 grams of spelt flour (whole wheat would also work),
1 teaspoon salt, 1 cup warm water, and 1/2 cup of olive oil.

 Add all the ingredients together, knead until it forms a...

 Roll out into thin sheets using a pasta machine.  Roll to the 4 setting on the roller.  Or using
a rolling pin flatten dough to desired thickness (they don't get thicker really).

 Look at the long sheet of dough?  Cool right?

 Place sheets on parchment paper lined cookie sheets.  I like using parchment paper since it
doesn't add fat as oil does, nor does it get the cookie sheet dirty (less dishes to wash). Using a knife
or a bench scraper (like I used) cut crackers into 1 inch squares (scoring them is fine, no need to
separate them until they have baked).

 Brush dough with olive oil.

 Sprinkle salt on the dough.

Bake crackers for 12 minutes, rotating cookie sheets half way.

Put crackers in bowl and break apart.


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