Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stephanie's Food For Thought: Rotiserrie Chicken


Rotisserie chicken isn't a unique food ingredient, but it is a very versatile ingredient.  Rotiserie chickens from Costco are by far the best price ever.   In California and New York they are the best price and also the biggest.  For $5 you can buy a whole moist flavorful cooked chicken for the same price as a whole unflavored, uncooked chicken. This is a win/win situation.  I buy a few chickens at a time and take them home and process them so to speak.  With my Kirkland brand Nitril exam gloves on and using a small knife I remove as much of the meat as possible, leaving the underside untouched.  I put the chicken carcass in a Ziploc bag, and the chicken I put in another bag.  I freeze these, and when I want a quick meal, tacos, soup, Indian curry, I remove my shredded chicken and thaw.  I also love using the chicken carcass to make broth in my pressure cooker.  You can shred the chicken in a KitchenAid mixer with the paddle set to low speed and you have quick shredded chicken for tacos,
burritos, or flautas. 

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