Friday, January 3, 2014

Stephanie's Food For Thought: Sea Salt

My sister Adrienne mentioned to me, since I was on a soap box about unrefined sugar, maybe I should also consider salt and what is done during its refining process.  She pointed out a post by Chef Brad found here.   I like Chef Brad, he has a cooking show on the BYU Channel and he is the self proclaimed grain guy.  He also has a great blog found here.  He talks about salt and says:

"1~Check to see if there is a list of minerals on the back. Good salt is filled with minerals. Bad salt will say just salt. 
  2~The color will tell a lot.  Pure white salt is probably processed to death and pure white salt is devoid of minerals.
  3~Check out the source.  Remember even healthy companies use marketing to deceive the public.
 So just because the company says its a good one, be careful.
  4~Good salt is not dirt cheap. Bad salt is."

I was at my local Mediterranean themed grocery store and found the above salt.   It is imported from Italy and has minerals listed in the ingredients.  A little side note about my little Mediterranean grocery store, above the cash registers it is painted to look like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and I think Asians now own the store.  My husband served a mission in Italy and has been to the place where this salt is mined, go figure.  This salt was $3.  If you go to Chef Brad's salt post you will see he lists several salts he recommends.   I have had Real Salt, and I like it, but I have to order it online where I live now. I remember watching a cooking show with Michael Chiarello.   He said never trust a salt that is white. 

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