Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stephanie's Kitchen Drawer: Electric Pressure Cooker

Remember how I said three small kitchen appliances came with me when we moved from California to here in Queens?  This is the third appliance to round out those three.   I have already posted about the other two.  This beautiful appliance was a Christmas gift from my youngest sister Adrienne.  It is an awesome wonderful appliance.  This particular electric pressure cooker can be found here if you have a membership or here.  This appliance has done a multitude of different meals for me.  Why do I like this appliance so much?  Let me count the ways: 1. It is faster to cook in. 2. Because it is faster your food isn't watered down and overcooked. 3. It is compact. 4. It can do as much as an oven in less time, using less energy. 5.Very easy to use.  I have cooked baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, pumpkin, soup, chicken broth, beef pot roast, black beans, shredded chicken, pork roast, and many other foods can be cooked in this lovely appliance.  My mom had traditional pressure cookers in different sizes that she used to make a special Sunday dinner, Swiss steak.  I have fond memories of that meal and have made it myself using this pressure cooker and it is so much easier than using a stove top pressure cooker.  If you go here you will see a Consumer Search article about my pressure cooker.  It is rated best in that review.  Good Housekeeping compares stove top and electric pressure cookers here.

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