Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Will Post Recipe's Again!

Remember how I mentioned my van was in a hit and run?  It has been a roller coaster two weeks.   I have been cooking and photographing my efforts but my mind has been else where what with complying with our insurance company and then finally learning our van was deemed a total loss.  My heart and brain are just really having trouble focusing with this loss taking center stage in my life right now.  Cooking is still my way to cope, creating new recipes really has worked wonders as a means of constructive therapy.  I'm working on finding time to post my foodie adventures.  Of course filling over 90% (mostly photographs) of my hard drive has slowed my computer down and that it is dying (complications of a rough relationship with my children) isn't helping matters.  We have been having blizzard after blizzard these past few weeks which makes shopping difficult without a vehicle.  My list of excuses is so strange and very uncharacteristic of what my life is usually like.  Our van in a hit and run, my computer malfunctioning, and blizzards weekly.  This to shall pass, right?  I mean really, how often does the Bermuda Tragedy Triangle take place in a person's life?  I see hope, and you will see recipes and posts soon, I promise!

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