Monday, March 3, 2014

Stephanie's Food For Thought: Tipo 00 Flour

I am extremely blessed to live near a grocery store (Berry Fresh) that sells Tipo 00 Flour.  I buy it for $2.79 a bag, I think, don't quote me on that.  Tipo 00 Flour is a flour found in Italy and used to make those famous cakes and each restaurant in Naples uses a blend of this flour to make those amazing legendary Napoleon Pizzas.  Tipo 00 Flour is the key ingredient that makes Panetone, Pandoro, and pizza amazing, here in New York it is the flour pizzerias use to make their legendary pies.  Flour in Italy as you may recall reading from one of my previous posts is named for the grain size such as 0, 00, and 1.  Tipo 00 flour is a very finely milled white flour.  This week I had a break through in my pizza dough when I decided to combine this flour with Spelt to create both a tender and whole grain pizza dough.  I found an online retailer here if you want to purchase it.

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