Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stephanie's Kitchen Drawer: My Kitchen

As you remember, my family moved to a new apartment.  We didn't move to a bigger place, which meant my new kitchen set-up needed some help.  Our kitchen is about half the size, and if you have been a faithful reader, you know I have a lot of kitchen gadgets and appliances.  Have you ever tried to find a place for everything in your home when the places for stuff have been drastically reduced? This conundrum had me thinking.  What can I do with my new kitchen?  Good news, I found an answer.  I bought a stainless steel and chrome adjustable shelving unit from Costco and a stainless steel and chrome prep table from Seville Classics.  

Our open shelving has all our appliances, bakeware, and cookware easily accessible.
I have plugged in our appliances in a surge protector.  

My prep table is both storage for my buckets of flours, rice, and whole grains, oils,
and for my children's water bottle and water purifier.  I also have much needed
food preparation space.

Next to the stove is my small counter space that I store cooking utensils in storage caddies
from Ikea. They are organized into three categories: wood, stainless steel,
and nylon/silicone.

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