Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stephanie's Kitchen Drawer: Baking Steel

A few months ago I decided to step up my pizza baking, I'm always trying to make better pizza.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to get a pizza oven built yet but this steel is a great way to make a perfectly mottled and crisp pizza crust.  Baking steel's are amazing, they conduct heat better than a stone does so they heat up and retain the heat better than a stone will.  This article on Serious Eats was a big help convincing me to get one.  I opted for a baking steel that had the same dimensions: i.e. width and length of my pizza stone.  The steel isn't the same thickness as my stone but that isn't as relevant.  The steel I have is made by NerdChef and I bought it through Amazon here.  I have the .375 inch thick steel.  The stone I have is from Amazon and I have had it for a few years.  The stone can be found here.  My baking steel is on the middle lower rack in my oven then above that on another rack I have the pizza stone.  Be sure to have the racks placed enough apart to have a pizza fit.   Also always preheat the steel and stone in your oven set to the highest temperature possible for at least an hour before baking pizza.   Another great article about how to use a baking steel is here.  this will be my next test I think, this technique and his dough recipe sound pretty awesome.  


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